• Schedule

    The Calming Pajama Party happens nightly from Sunday through Thursday, 9:30-10:10pm ET.

    From 9:30 to 9:45pm:

    • Arrivals. People trickle in during this time.
    • Preparing for bed. We make our individual bedtime preparations (with mics and cameras off) while listening to music.

    From 9:45-10:10pm:

    • Gathering. Brief introductions.
    • Settling. We settle in together with a meditative body scan.
    • Brief sharing. All are invited to share gratitudes, sorrows, concerns, and/or prayer requests.
    • Story time. We close with a bedtime story. (Occasionally we may share other kinds of readings, images, or music instead.)
  • Questions & Answers

    What is the purpose of the Calming Pajama Party?

    To provide a warm, gentle, connecting space to help us ease ourselves into sleep.

    Do I have to wear pajamas?

    No. (You’re invited to wear something cozy, for your own comfort; you're asked to wear something, for everybody else's.)

    Who is this for? Do I need to be Quaker or otherwise religious?

    The Calming Pajama Party is an open and affirming, queer- and poly-friendly space.


    Whether you consider yourself secular, spiritual but not religious, or of any particular religion, you are welcome here. The hosts (Emily and David) and many frequent participants are Quakers in the liberal unprogrammed tradition; depending on your own background and on what night you come, you may or may not notice this particular religious and spiritual foundation. We hold space lovingly for each other and for wisdom from a source that we call by different names. Some of us use language like “spirit” and “God” and some do not. We don’t care what you call it, or whether, or why; we just invite you in.

    Who hosts the Calming Pajama Party?

    The Calming Pajama Party is hosted by Emily Savin and cohosted by David Coletta. It is under the care of Three Rivers Meeting, a new Quaker worship community based in Boston. Emily and David are both hosts of Three Rivers Meeting; you can read more about them here.

    How did this start?

    Emily started the Calming Pajama Party as an experiment in late March 2020 because she was having trouble getting to bed and heard from friends that they were having the same problem. She thought an evening gathering might help. This was inspired in part by the evening "Epilogue" gathering that was practiced during her time at Pendle Hill. David joined the Calming Pajama Party in June 2020 and soon became a cohost of the gathering.

    Did it work? Are you getting more sleep now?

    Yes! We can't guarantee that you will, but we invite you to check it out.

    Does it cost anything?


    Do I have to RSVP every time?

    No, never. The link stays the same. Come whenever you can.

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    (This isn't binding. It's OK if you sign up and never come. But we hope you will come!)
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